Mingling With Mungiki

It was a cold, cold day

And I heard my neighbour say:

Njeri, Njeri…May I have some sugar

So I came out running in my shuka

I said: “No Neighbour, I have none

But of Honey I have one

Then may I have some of that?

He said, But then my honey pot fell flat

And it spread all over the floor

And he stood right thereĀ  at the door

And right behind my friend

Stood a man with dirt on hair’s end

With his wife at his side

Whose face was sorrow’s tide

The man drew out his Knife

“Oh no!” cried his wife

Too late is what she was

As the blade punctured and ran its course

Gutting my friend from hip to hip

Causing him to groan and tip

And as the man with dirt on hair’s end

Smiled with eyes of sorrow lent

Knowing that I, was next in line

I shut the door, just in time

Hello world!

The world was a very mean place for Ralph Roberts. But for all the bad things that happened, there was Carolyn to make things better. She loved him, and watched over him and just when he thought that Nothing could go wrong after 35 years of bliss with her, she got cancer and died.