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John Boswell

John Boswell, who makes those wonderful Symphony of Science mashups, came to Long Beach with a mission: to auto-tune TED2012. Watch what he created: “It’s Time for TED.”

The TED Blog asked John how he did it — how he compressed three days (and a few extra years) of TED onstage into this catchy number starring Peter Diamandis, Paul Gilding, Kathryn Schulz and a galaxy of TEDTalks stars.

Did you come to TED with a general idea of what you were going to create, or was it more about listening for moments and working freely?

I’ve never been to a TED event before, so I came with an open mind hoping to soak in as much information as possible. In this way I was guided by my experience over the week in choosing the clips and themes of the video.

What led you to choose the talks you…

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