Rocker 50.2

ROCKER 50.2 —————– And it wasn’t until she really tried to stop sniffing white that things really got out of hand. Even though she always had that ‘I just saw the devil peering at me from behind a tree expression’ while under the influence, she really was a talented skinny little junkie. So yeah, she died as was destined. Or maybe she, like all the other dead 27 year old rockstars, did make a crossroads deal with the devil.  Who knows…  So here is what I think the deal with this is: that if we all use our talents, that kind of thing doesn’t affect us. It doesn’t matter what evil plots, forces, or even self sabotage attempts come into play. What’s ours is ours alive … or dead.  So, did the young dead fulfill their destinies? I believe so. Just don’t go sniffing glue to try and make someone else’s destiny the story of your life. Unto each, his own.

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