The insanity of Humanity

All of humanity is psychologically disturbed…Every last one of us. Some more than others.

What does insanity make you do?

For example, what makes a matatu tout look you up and down to determine your worth; does he maybe feel wealthy by association, cool by association. Or is he ‘calling the wealth’ by being around the wealthy-looking, and ‘kicking poverty to the curb’ by keeping the ordinary and down-right poor at arm’s length? If he does this for 20 years but remains the same old tout trying to be something he’s not, then is it really working?

It’s insanity. He’ll never get what he doesn’t work for.

What is it that makes me want to slaughter a stranger, his entire family and everyone he’s ever spoken to because of a highly innappropriate pat he gave to my back? It might have been unconscious but it’s effect wasn’t dulled nonetheless. And the answer to that is – because I’m insane.

What makes a murder committed by a Pregnant Woman a non-crime. The imbalance of chemical secretions; especially those that make the monster in the mother take over to protect her offspring.

What makes you help a total stranger, take his hand, invite him into your house, feed him and send him on his way knowing very well he might be the death of you? it’s that part of insanity that makes you hear voices – when there are none – telling you that doing this particular good deed will bring you good fortune.

What makes one want to guard their lives from hurt and danger when they’re going to die anyway?

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